We service and install all types of heating systems and methods
Boiler and Furnace Installation, Repair and Service

Churchill Energy offers all types of heating and comfort installations. We install high quality, high efficiency heating systems.

We install radiant tubing, radiators, baseboard, duct, towel warmers. Whether you need to heat a cold basement, add a zone to your new addition, would just like a little extra heat in a tight space, or increase your comfort with a warm air system by installing a humidifier we can help by installing anything from a simple kick space heater in the kitchen to a luxurious towel warmer in the bath.

We install the best in oil fired, stainless steel, indirect water heaters. If you need to replace your existing hot water tank or if you'd like to replace your gas or electric heater to save money and enjoy the benefits of oil's high BTU's, giving you hotter water in a shorter amount of time

Oil Storage Tank Installation and Removal

We also install oil storage tanks in all sizes from the basic steel tank to the new Roth Safety Tanks which carries a lifetime guarantee and has a compact size that can be installed in tight spaces. If you have an old tank that was left behind, we can remove it. If you'd like to move your existing tank to a new location (across the basement, inside or outside) we can do that for you.

Please visit the links below to preview some of the quality products we recommend to achieve total comfort in your home.
Runtal Radiators offer the unparalleled comfort of radiant heat and sleek Eurostyle design, all at a price you can afford.

Roth Tanks 

Insist on a worry-free Quality of Life and Respect for the Environment.

At Roth, we refuse to compromise on materials or construction. Roth tanks meet the strictest European safety standards and exceed the most recent industry safety regulations. Quality control of our finished products is carried out according to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring consistently superior quality and peace of mind. Each tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultrasound tests to ensure optimal thickness of plastic, and pressure testing to ensure the tank is sealed completely.

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