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Oil Fired Hot Water Heater

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We can give you unlimited hot water for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, even heating pools.

How it works
The amount of hot water you need to supply your household will determines the size of the tank you will need. Most oil fired hot water tanks can store 20 or more gallons of hot water. Basic components of a hot water heater include, a cold water inlet and hot water outlet, a heat source, drain (for cleaning and maintenance), and a temperature/pressure relief valve. Cold water enters the tank through cold water inlet, gets heated through a direct or indirect heat source and is distributed through the hot water outlet when needed. There are two methods to supplying oil fired heated water through your home: direct and indirect.

Direct Fired Hot Water Heating
In a direct fired hot water heater, oil is injected into the water heater’s combustion chamber at the bottom of the tank. A mixture of air and oil enters the chamber in a vaporized mist and is ignited by an electric spark. Once lit, it heats up a long vertical coil inside of the water tank and heats the water stored inside. Generally, most tanks hold enough water for an average-sized household, although some tanks are big enough to supply even large families with unlimited hot water.

Indirect Fired Hot Water Heating
Indirect water heaters work similarly to direct water heaters, but with one significant difference. An indirect water heater uses the main furnace or boiler to heat a fluid that's circulated through a heat exchanger in the storage tank. Indirect-fired water heater can also be tankless, water is heated as it passes through the system’s coils. Although this set up requires a boiler, this method is generally more fuel efficient than direct hot water heaters.

Tankless Hot Water Heating
In some homes where a moderate amount of hot water is needed, a large tank is not always necessary. A tankless coil hot water heater is great for couples or households of 1-2 people. It can be mounted on the wall because it is so small. With this setup, there is no storage tank. A heating coil is weaved inside the unit and heats the water as it passes through to be distributed through the home. Instead of a traditional tank, the water is heated only when you call upon hot water. This setup can give you hugh long-term savings.

Benefits of Oil Fired Hot Water Heaters

  • Hotter water temperatures
  • High recovery rates (large volumes of water can be heated very quickly)
  • Extremely fuel efficient
  • Indirect models can lasts for 30 years or longer with routine maintenance
  • Certain models make it perfect for big families
  • Certain models, such as tankless coil, can save space in tight places



Depending on your home’s hot water needs, we recommend that you speak to us about a free estimate. We will help you decide what kind of water heating solution will be most beneficial for your home.