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Budget Payment Plan

If you'd like to make low monthly payments, saving yourself from high heating bills in the coldest winter months, you can take advantage of our Budget Plan.

Your monthly payment will be determined in July using your previous years gallons and an estimated price. Every month you will receive a statement that shows all deliveries and payments made (with this plan you automatically receive the Early Payment Discount as long as your monthly payments are current.)

Service will be billed on a separate invoice but will be reflected on your monthly statement. Your current credit or debit balance is shown on your monthly statement. In the month of April your payment is adjusted, according to the balance. If the winter was warmer than previous one, causing you to burn fewer gallons, or if the price stayed lower that anticipated, you can make a reduced payment (sometimes skipping it altogether.)
If the winter was colder than the previous one, or if the price rose higher than anticipated, your payment will be raised in an effort to maintain a zero by the month of June's payment.

Your monthly budget payment may be made with any of the above payment options. A return envelope is provided in you
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